At Sunshine Childcare we maintain a minimum of 80% qualified teaching professionals throughout both centres.

We also believe in building the teaching capacity of our staff and we do this by having staff that are in training (through various organisations) to become qualified Early Childhood Teachers. We provide them with a fully qualified mentor to assist with their training and to support them to reach their goal.

We also value experience in addition to qualifications. Some of our staff have years of experience and are not qualified and we support this decision.


Meet the teaching Teams:


Sunshine on Sunshine Koru Room

Corina (Team Leader), Renee (Maternity Leave), Rebecca


Sunshine on Sunshine Kea Room

Alanna, Sophie, Alice, Amberlee


Sunshine on Sunshine Pukeko Room

Sashi (Team Leader), Natasha, and Kayla


 Sunshine on Sunshine Piwaiwaka Room

Aman (Team Leader), Theresa, Sophie


Sunshine on Sunshine Rimu Room

Robyn, Atareta, Kim and Jess (Maternity Leave)


Sunshine on Vickery Kowhai Room

 Mary, Bethany 


Sunshine on Vickery Pohutukawa Room

Halena, Rach, Jocelyn, Renee, Crystal


Sunshine Relievers

Heather, Mackenzie, Artika, Nora, Ashleigh, Maggie, Hannah, Tiaana, Stephanie, Binu  


Sunshine on Sunshine “other important people” Team

Kerrin (Centre Manager), Nicola (Administrator) and Tania (Chef)


Sunshine on Vickery “other important people” Team

Mandy (Centre Manager) and Val (Administrator) 


Sunshine Centres Owners/Directors

Patricia and Kevin Radich


Robyn  Theresa2  Mandy    


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